2005_12_snowflake.jpgNow that the strike is over warm weather has returned. Nice timing! Did anyone choose to walk to work this morning just because it is warmer? Today and tomorrow will be plenty warm for late-December with high temperatures near 50 degrees. The sun will peak out tomorrow afternoon for all you last-minute shoppers. Christmas in Hollis and everywhere else in the city is going to be wet. Rain and showers are expected throughout the day. Let's hope Santa's got a brand new Gore-Tex suit. More seasonable temperatures return on Boxing Day and, from Gothamist's vantage point, the rest of the week looks like a snoozer weatherwise –no rain, no snow, temperatures near normal.

Gothamist is lucky enough to have all of next week off. What will we be doing in our free time? Looking for mutant snowflakes! When a water molecule freezes it always forms six-sided crystals. We learned this while reading Mariana Gosnell's very enjoyable Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance. (Actually we've known about the properties of snow for years but are too brain-dead to come up with a clever way of mentioning the book).

Jimwich noticed that many graphic designers remain blissfully ignorant of the six-sided nature of ice crystals and have designed many mutant four-, seven-, or even eight-sided flakes. More beautiful and accurate snowflakes from Patricia Rasmussen and Kenneth Libbrecht can be seen at snowcrystals.com and some of Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley's original snowflake photos are at snowflakebentley.com.

Snow crystal photography from snowcrystals.com