jetsat_wxch.jpgThe last two weeks have mostly been warmer than normal. That trend reverses itself today. We hope you haven't put your mittens and mukluks into storage as it is going to feel more like late-February than early spring. The culprit is the jet stream, which will be dipping south of us at least through next Monday. The map above is for Saturday, which will probably be the coldest day of the week for most of the northeast. If you want a warm weekend head west or way far south.

In addition to the cold we've got a bit of precipitation in the forecast. Note that Gothamist wrote precipitation not rain. Rain is the word today, all day until evening. Maybe even a thunderstorm this afternoon. The further east you go, the more rain you'll see. The rain lets up on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday may see some rain, but any precipitation is more likely to be snow according to the National Weather Service. The Weather Channel doesn't mention precipitation in their weekend forecast, so we'll reserve judgment for now. The Weather Service continues with their rain/snow mix on Sunday and Monday, a waterproof, insulated Easter bonnet might be wise, but we should see a slight warming by the time next week gets started.

Jet stream forecast map from