If you've never had to dodge a razor full of pubic hair, then you're not really a celebrity—Hugh Jackman went through the sacred rite of passage in the West Village yesterday. According to the Post, sobbing female stalker Kathleen Thurston tracked Jackman to Gotham Gym around 8 a.m. Saturday. Despite her conspicuous tears, she was able to slip past guards and throw an electric razor filled with her pubic hair at him while screaming, "I love you."

“She was crying,” said Mike Castle, a Gotham trainer who was in the facility’s boxing ring. “I physically removed her from the place, then I called the cops.” A gym worker grabbed her, but she may have slipped away, since police arrested her at West 14th Street and Eighth Avenue.

The NYPD Crime Scene Unit recovered the "weapon" and had to pick the hairs out of it to match them with her DNA. Meanwhile, the families of New Yorkers who are killed by automobiles are lucky if they receive any proof that an NYPD investigation was conducted in the first place.

Thurston, 47, has now been charged with stalking. This wasn't the first time Jackman has had a run-in with her—she once showed up at Jackman’s home in the Village, and Jackman also told cops he saw her outside his daughter's Manhattan elementary school.

Jackman, who is currently getting ready to film X-Men: Days Of Future Past, is handling the situation like a professional: “Here’s a woman who obviously needs help so I just hope she gets the help she needs,” he told CBS, before sneaking home and relieving his deep, unyielding urge to pull the hair out of his shower drain.