Hoorah, the strike is over! But, boo, you don't have a reason not to go to work tomorrow (?). With bus and subway service slowly easing back to normal over the next day or so, Gothamist imagines the sidewalks will be relatively less crowded tomorrow, with more restaurants and shops filled and some people might try to kiss the subway floor - only to be dragged away in a straitjacket by other straphangers. But for today, we'll share one more walk/ taxi journey brisk ride/ LIRR flaying with all of you and never ever forget it.

Are you going into work tomorrow, or has the past 60 hours totally wiped you out? And tonight is the last night to get in a really terrible commute to win either a grand prize of an unlimited monthly Metrocard or runner-up prizes of 6-ride pay-per ride Metrocards in our Most Inconvenient Commute Contest.