web.Rad_Metro_7.jpgIf you like being outdoors, and are not a duck, tomorrow will be a very nice day. If you enjoy being outdoors, and are a duck, you will probably also enjoy the weather tomorrow night through Wednesday. A cold front is approaching and there's a good chance of rain, and possibly a thunderstorm, beginning late tomorrow night. After the front goes through expect seasonable temperatures and dry weather for a few days. All in all typical late-April weather in New York.

Did you see this weekend's snow in the midwest? Gothamist has lived in both Michigan and Ohio so the storm caught our attention. We wish we could have been there this weekend to experience the late-season storm. Over a foot of snow in some places and lots of trees down. Sadly, we'll not see any snow. We are seeing a bit of drizzle right now, as is shown on Channel 7's radar, but there's no chance of snow.