2007_04_witness.jpgAh, the benefits of having many pockets and many cell phones.

An 18-year-old high schooler managed to take a photograph of the man who robbed her of her Sidekick because she had her backup phone! Shannon Walcott was riding on the Q27 to her home in Queens Village when two men were "lurking behind her." Walcott told the Daily News she was listening to her iPod with her Sidekick in her hand last week when one man grabbed the phone. (Do thieves think that people listening to iPods make them more distracted?)

She decided to chase them and managed to get close enough to take a picture of the robber with her back-up phone which was in her pocket. Then Walcott called her brother to help her canvass the neighborhood. Her mom said, "She's a smart kid, does very well at school, honor student, that kind of thing. After that happened, I put her in a cab to school each day."

The NYPD is looking for information (800-577-TIPS) and released Walcott's picture of the perp. And we bet that the police waited to see if the robber's information was captured by T-Mobile servers, as in the famous Sidekick soap opera from last year. And the most famous instance of a crime caught on a cell phone might be Dan Hoyt and his pleasure-seeking on the subway.