2005_10_30_wspsign.jpgOh, but it was only two weeks ago when we were led to believe that our collective nightmare over the proposed Washington Square Park Renovation was over. Everything seemed so much simpler back then. The fence around the park would remain low and the fountain would neither rise up nor line up with the arch (and presumably it would also not be renamed after the dread Tisch family). But that was then. This is now.

In a meeting of the full board of Community Board 2 on Thursday the previously agreed upon resolution was dumped in favor of a far more unsettled resolution that opens the whole debate up again assuring us that nothing will be certain for a while longer.

This is why, in case you ever wondered, we often have trouble finding sympathetic feelings in our hearts for New York City community boards. At this point wouldn't it just be easier to scrap all of tabled ideas and come back and try again in a few years? We're just saying.

Photographs by Gary He from the Villager.