Great Wave woodcut by Katsushika HokusaiSometimes Gothamist gets the strangest messages at work. As we were preparing today's little forecast entry, in which we were going to mention yesterday's record rainfall of 1.04 inches at LaGuardia, and the slight chance of snow flurries tomorrow morning, we received this anonymous email:

THIS IS AN OFFICIAL WARNING! A huge 300 ft. high ocean wave is moving towards your continent. Your and many other cities are in a real danger. Approximate wave moving speed is 700 km/h.

We are strongly urging you to evacuate yourself and your family as soon as possible, even though you may live far away from your city.
The tsunami will reach the continent in approximately FOUR hours.


Since this particular Gothamist works on the highest part of the Palisades, about 400ft above sea level, we intend to photograph the Hudson Valley as it fills with water this afternoon. For those of our beloved readers in the city well, wave as you float by and we'll take your picture!

Sadly, there won't be a tsunami. Tsunami are extremely rare in the Atlantic and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (whom Gothamist assumes would pick up the slack since there isn't an Atlantic Warning Center) doesn't mention any Atlantic tsunami.

We were hoping our Sunday extended forecast watch experiment would have shown lots of vacillation from the first forecast to the last. Instead, the three forecasts we've been following have been monotonically (ooh, a math word!) zeroing in on a fairly nice day.

The latest forecasts are: Weather Service: Partly cloudy, high around 50; AccuWeather: mostly sunny, high 50; and mostly sunny, high 53.

Image: The Great Wave off Kanagawa, 1823-1829 by Katsushika Hokusai, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and online at