Long Island nightclub Rumors in West Hempstead had a rough night this weekend. After hosting a communion party, two clubgoers go into a fight over... tipping the bathroom attendant.

The early Sunday fight actually didn't occur in the bathroom—apparently the debate was so intense it continued to the parking lot. That's where Kashmire Dawson, 24, of Amityville, is accused of using a camera tripod "like a baseball bat" when hitting another woman in the arm. The victim was treated for a cut while Dawson was charged with assault and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Newsday reported, "A police spokesman said the two were removed from Rumors by security shortly after arguing in the bathroom over whether to tip the attendant. The spokesman said he did not know Dawson's stance on the matter."

Good Housekeeping recommends tipping bathroom attendants. The Efficient Drinker interviewed a bathroom attendant who said, "If you’re washing your hands, I’ll add some soap. It’s stupid to wash your hands without soap, but if I don’t step up, nobody uses the soap. Can’t put a price on that. Need to get paid."