After four days in New York, the International Olympic Committee's evaluation panel has finally left. Now, all New York can do is to wait for the I.O.C.'s vote on the 2012 Olympics on July 6th. It seems as though they depart with a favorable impression of New York City and the bid for 2012. And why wouldn't they? Dan Doctoroff, the deputy mayor and the head of NYC2012, Mayor Bloomberg, and the members of NYC2012 made sure that everything was perfect. From the lavish extravaganza on Wednesday to the traffic congestion, everything seemed to be in tip top shape for the visit. The only thing missing is an Olympic Stadium.

At a press conference yesterday, Nawal el Moutawakel, the Moroccan chairwoman of the evaluation panel said, "It is important to have the stadium. All the cities are aware of this. They gave us all assurances. He [Bloomberg] is a winner and his team is a winning team." She was also very pleased with the visit, saying, "The bid committee must be congratulated on the quality of its candidature, of the quality of its presentations and its teamwork and professionalism."

So after four days and countless hours pouring over the details of NYC2012, all that's left is that pesky stadium and a vote. No stadium, no Olympics, but assurances for a stadium from NYC2012. While we all have to wait until July 6th to find out about the Olympics, it could be a done deal if the stadium is rejected.