Hey, people—did you realize that Skuby & Co., based in Spring Lake, NJ, is "the premiere corporate casual to weekend menswear store in the Jersey shore area." Which is why it's probably not surprising—though it's very depressing—that its owner is proud of a racist anti-Obama Halloween display in the windows. Here's how the Asbury Park Press describes it, "The display includes an image of President Barack Obama’s head superimposed on the body of a witch doctor above the word 'ObamaCare.' It also contains a hat with the letters 'F.Y.B.O.', an acronym for an explicative phrase against Barack Obama, and an Obama doll wearing a long-sleeve shirt that reads 'Hoax.'"

Owner Bill Skuby insisted, "It’s not political, it’s personal. We deal with a 1 percent customer; they come in here and shake my hand. My business is through the roof because of this." And Skuby did custom-make the F.Y.B.O. hats—only $25 bucks, BILLIONAIRES WHO HATE OBAMA. To those who call his display racist, Skuby opts for the "I have a right to do this. It’s called the First Amendment" defense.

However, local resident Nancy Pugliese was dismayed, "If someone comes here as a visitor and goes by that store, it’s very upsetting to think they’ll see Spring Lakers as racists." And others agreed: One told WABC 7, "Our children and grandchildren can walk by and I think this represents the worst that America can display in campaigning," while another said, "I would never shop again in that store. He must be a terrible man to be so hateful."

Skuby, who shockingly will vote for Mitt Romney next month, told the APP, "At some point in your life, you (have) to stand up for what you believe in. I’m taking a stand."