As I walked to work this morning, shivering and praying for death, I noticed white flakes floating in the air. Was it asbestos from DUMBO's six trillion construction projects? Escaped cocaine from a start-up? Anthrax, gifted by the gods to spare me from the Trump administration? A giant's dandruff?

Turns out, it's (kind of) snowing.

The National Weather Service says to expect scattered flurries in NYC today before 4 p.m. It also snowed last night:

On Saturday I walked around in a t-shirt, but climate change is naught but a Chinese hoax so no matter.

Upstate got a fair amount of snow yesterday, with more expected today:

Snow or no snow, today will hit a high of 43 degrees (with an Accuweather RealFeel® of 29 degrees), plus a lot of wind. The slush rivers beckon.

Only 119 days 'til spring!