Argentina fans packed into a Hell's Kitchen bar to watch the Germany-Argentina game yesterday were furious to find one fan dressed as what the Post calls "their opponent's biggest fan": Adolf Hitler. Fan Steve Staso allegedly walked into Café Andalucia with a taped-on mustache and a swastika armband, saluting fellow Germany supporters. One bar-goer said, "I said, 'Why are you doing this?' and he said it was funny. I said, 'Is genocide funny? Is history funny?'" History can be funny sometimes, but genocide is not.

Others recall Staso yelling "Deutschland!" and "Heil Hitler!" while giving the Nazi salute, and when asked by law professor Steven Spielvogel to remove his costume, he reportedly replied, "It's America. I can do what I want." Staso later defended his costume to the tabloid, saying, "You don't tell people in Hell's Kitchen what to do. The point is to have fun. You can't have fun anymore." Cafe Andalucia's owner said the costume was "stupid," but didn't want to discriminate against him for wearing what he wanted.

Staso apparently has a history of dressing up in controversial costumes. One Cafe Andalucia regular said, "Last week he was Mexican. This week, he's a Nazi. Who he is next week depends on who is in the final." Somehow, we don't think a Francisco Franco would be as upsetting.