A Bronx man who claimed he was a "spiritual healer" was arrested for numerous counts of criminal sex act, sexual assault, criminal menacing and abortion after victims reportedly complained to the police.

Christian Robles allegedly ran his business using "Santeria-type rituals" from his home in Longwood. According to the NY Post, "Two women, 26 and 39, and three men, 20, 24 and 29, walked into a Bronx police precinct on Monday to tell cops how Robles abused them, sources said... [Four] said Robles made them drink an oil that made them tremble and shake on the floor." Then Robles allegedly cut off their clothes, sexually assaulted them, and threatened to murder them if they told anyone what happened, sources told the tabloid.

WCBS 2 reports that a pregnant woman was allegedly told not to watch while her husband was "being molested." Police say that when she did look, Robles stood on her stomach and walked on her back, causing her to miscarry.

Two of the other victims were a mother and son.

Robles is charged with three counts of sexual abuse, three counts of sexual assault, criminal sex act, criminal menacing, criminal possession of a weapon and abortion. Three children under the age of 10 who had been living with Robles were taken into custody by the Administration for Children's Services.