Soon Syria will join Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and ??? as a country in which the U.S. military has purposefully killed people and destroyed infrastructure since 9/11. We know this because sources say it will happen on "Thursday."

Earlier this week Secretary of State John Kerry announced that evidence "strongly indicates" that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons to murder his citizens. To address this "moral obscenity," the U.S. will not bomb the places where the chemical weapons exist, as one government source notes, "that is a hairy business." Most likely the bombs will strike other military targets.

Voices across the administration urging no action have all but silenced. But, at the other extreme of military options, a sustained air campaign designed to decapitate the leadership and allow rebels to topple the regime, also has been rejected.

So what is the objective of these strikes? The Times says they're "To deter and degrade" the ability of Assad's forces to use chemical weapons. Kind of like when we bombed Kosovo without U.N. approval? When we did something "illegal, yet legitimate?" Maybe, not really.

Or maybe it'll be like Iraq in 1998? Maybe!

Will we try and kill Assad quickly? How long will the bombing last? What will happen to the refugees streaming into Turkey? What exactly are we trying to accomplish?

Anyway, the bombing will probably start on Thursday.