After sending meteorologists, local officials, and groceries into overdrive, Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse 2010, NYC Edition, arrived yesterday, depositing substantial amounts of snow in the five boroughs. The Post reports, "By late last night, Staten Island had been socked with as much as 17 inches of snow. A foot fell in parts of The Bronx, while sections of Queens and Brooklyn were buried under 13 inches, and Central Park had 10." Which meant there was plenty of snow for kids to sled or make snowballs on their snow day—but, no, it wasn't a blizzard.

Snowfall at JFK and Laguardia Airports was 9 inches and 8 inches respectively; according to the NY Times, "At the three major airports in the New York area, flights that were scheduled for Thursday morning were in limbo. Officials at LaGuardia and Kennedy airports said several airlines — including Southwest and Continental — had canceled all or many of their morning flights, and they warned passengers, even those with later flights, to call ahead before heading to the airport."

Mass transit is running normally (okay, there are some service changes and delays on the subways) today and things were pretty smooth yesterday, since the MTA told passengers ahead of time about snow service, such as the evening rush hour on commuter trains starting around 1 p.m. yesterday.