Looking at yesterday's satellite image you can see how close Snowmageddon got to the city this past weekend. Great Kills actually had 6.4 inches of snow on Saturday and about an inch fell on parts of Brooklyn. A second wave of cold air behind that storm is blowing into town today. Despite the sun it will be a cold and windy day. Look for highs a little above freezing with wind chill readings in the teens.

If you have time today or tomorrow you may want to brush up on your snow measuring skills as Snowmageddon 2: Return of the Nor'easter looks like it will arrive late Tuesday night and last through Wednesday. A low pressure system is expected to develop rapidly off the Carolinas tomorrow and move up the coast. When the moisture associated with that storm tries to ride up and over the dome of cold air over the northeast it is going to dump a significant amount of snow.

The current Weather Service hazardous weather outlook says "potential for 6 or more inches". The "or more" part of that forecast bears repeating as the storm looks like it will be perfectly positioned to dump a bunch of snow on the metro area. Maybe we can get the AccuWeather dude to freak out again. See, stocking up on white bread and Cheez Whiz last week wasn't a bad idea!

Several days of cool but pleasant weather should follow the mid-week storm.