A snow squall warning is in effect for New York City until 5:30 p.m. today, which includes "heavy & blowing snow with wind gusts up to 30 MPH [causing] poor visibility and life-threatening travel conditions." The mayor's office warns that much like many a disappointing sexual rendezvous, it will "arrive quickly and powerfully, but it will not last very long." Do not waste any more time, you have MERE MINUTES to get the bread and milk before it arrives. [Scroll down below for updates, including videos of the squall]

You might be wondering exactly what a snow squall is right about now, so let us help: they are short-lived, quick intense bursts of snow accompanied by strong gusty winds, often resulting in a total lack of visibility outside. They usually don't last longer than 30 minutes to an hour, and sometimes are accompanied by storms. You can see a video below of a snow squall moving into Peekskill about an hour ago.

If the term snow squall is at all familiar to you, it is almost certainly due to The Great Snow Squall Of January 2019, which enveloped the city in a shroud of white for about 15 minutes almost exactly a year ago. You can revisit our definitive oral history of that event here, and check out a video of it below.

Update 4:20 p.m.: We are approximately 15 minutes into the squall. NYC has been trapped inside the eerie blue glow of the storm. Nothing will ever be the same (at least until everything clears up completely in about 30 minutes or so). Squall's well that ends well! Check out some videos from around the city below.