With the first honest-to-goodness winter snow due to occur tonight—hopefully it'll be more impressive than last week's benign flurrying—the city and the MTA is taking every precaution, lest we face another disaster like last year's Blizzaggedon. And to that end, they've canceled all weekend subway work except for the 7 line shutdown. But as Emerson once wrote, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little MTAs."

In addition, the MTA will hold a photo op in Sunset Park yard this afternoon to show crews readying snow-clearing gear, including "super-powered snow throwers, jet-powered snow-blowers, and specially-built de-icing cars." Hopefully they can do better than their brethren last winter.

You can also check out the LIRR's snow-fighting brigade here. We unfortunately won't have any real-time snow plow trackers yet, but at least Bloomberg has assured us he's in total control of the weather.

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