Now is truly the winter of our it-will-never-stop-snowing: after a brief warm spell over the weekend, Mother Nature is back to her old abominable tricks, and she just can't wait to hug you and squeeze you and call you George. More snow is expected to reign white terror upon the city Sunday night into Monday—which means we will inch ever closer to the title for snowiest winter in NYC history. We can do this, people!

The National Weather Service is predicting "hazardous" conditions during the snowstorm: "There is the potential for 8 inches or more of snow from Sunday night into early Monday evening. Any change in the track and intensity of the system may have an impact on the amount and type of precipitation expected."

Gothamist weather guru Joe Schumacher gently held our hands this morning and explained that, although the prospect of 8 inches of snow seems like a whole lot this late in the season, it doesn't mean The National Weather Service doesn't still care for us and want the best for us: "The Weather Service is leaning toward predicting at least 8 inches of snow Sunday night and Monday, but they're also really waffling about the prediction (which is why an amount hasn't made it into the actual forecast yet)."

As of today, the city has been buried under 57.1" of snow this winter, which makes this the seventh snowiest winter in NYC history (the record was set in 1995/1996, with 76 inches). If we get just 4 inches on Monday, it'll be the fourth snowiest ever; if we actually get all 8 inches, this will be the second snowiest! What's another serious dose of seasonal affective disorder in exchange for making history? What's another spasm of snowblind insanity compared to weather pattern IMMORTALITY?

Regardless, we are powerless. Now we're snow people now. This is who we are. This is our design. At this point, we think we should just, ya know, yeah: