intellicast_radar_0225.jpgA huge winter storm, another in a series of late-winter Alberta Clippers, that's dumped more than a foot of heavy, wet snow on the Midwest is headed our way tonight. We won't get a foot of snow here, but it is likely we'll have a bad case of Valentine's Day storm deja vu.

The complex beast of a storm is currently centered over Iowa, but energy from that storm is kicking up a secondary low pressure system off the mid-Atlantic coast. The pas de deux between the storms is likely to result in some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory starting at 7 p.m. today and lasting until 6 p.m. tomorrow, but the expected conditions are just below the criteria the Weather Service uses to issue a winter storm warning.

It should stay cold enough in the city that we will see mostly, if not all, snow. 3-5 inches overnight and another inch or two during the day tomorrow. Some warm air may sneak in above of the approaching storm tonight. If it does we could see freezing rain. New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Washington DC are much more likely to see significant freezing rain. You may want to leave a little extra time on your morning commute.

Snow should continue through tomorrow and flurries may last through Tuesday. Gothamist doesn't want to jump the gun, but after Tuesday it looks to us like our short winter will begin to release its grip. Roughly average weather is expected in the extended forecast.

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