Ooh, take a look at this pretty satellite image. It was taken last Monday by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer onboard the Terra satellite. You can see the sharp snow line from Sandy Hook, across the Rockaways, and out to Sunken Meadows State Park, left by the Valentine's Day storm. Central Park shows up as a snow covered playground, while four days after the storm the snow has disappeared from Midtown. You can see the entire northeastern U.S. on larger original image on NASA's Earth Observatory.

March is arriving like a lion. Perhaps not a very healthy lion, but a lion nonetheless. We've got another storm arriving tomorrow night. This time it appears that the snow line will stay north of the city. Perhaps a sign that spring is only three weeks away! Expect rainy, windy conditions Thursday night through Friday morning. An inch or more of rain is possible. Until then we should have an extremely pleasant day today with sunny skies and seasonable temperatures. The daytime hours tomorrow will also be pleasant. Once the rain leaves on Friday the weather will warm up to the lower-50s.

The month isn't quite over yet, but Gothamist has run the numbers and February will finish about seven degrees below average. Quite a contrast from our very warm December and January. We were on a record-setting pace through mid-January. With the cool month, our winter (December, January and February) temperature winds up a little more than a degree above normal.