As we mentioned yesterday, it's a mess out there today. Rain has turned into snow, and there are winter storm warnings in effect for all of New York City, all of NJ and eastern Pennsylvania. Hell, there's talk of "snowacane"-like conditions in some areas that are supposed to be hit hard! In the words of Storm Field, "It’s coming, it’s coming, white death from the sky!"

WCBS 2's meteorologist John Elliott says, "It's a very complicated storm. They'll be a lot of variety as far as precipitation type, and storm totals." This is because of two different systems—one with cold air and one with moisture—headed to the area. WABC 7 adds, "This snowstorm is so big and so massive and it's also bizarre. It's so rare that you have a flood watch at the same time as you have a winterstorm warning."

The precipitation—whatever it may be— is expected to be heaviest in NYC between noon and 6 p.m. and we could see between five and eight inches of accumulation. The city's Department of Sanitation is ready for the mess, with crews ready with 170,000 tons of salt.