As tanorexic NJ mom Patricia Krentcil tries to explain that she never took her young daughter into a tanning booth, one mother-to-be and tanning enthusiast is speaking out. Snooki told Extra, "That b**** is crazy…you are not supposed to take kids there. Everyone knows you are NOT supposed to take kids there."

Krentcil was arrested for child endangerment after a school nurse noticed that 6-year-old Anna had a severe sunburn on her arm. When asked about the sunburn, Anna apparently said, "I go tanning with Mommy." However, Krentcil and her husband say that the fair-skinned child got it while playing outside—and, yes, Anna did go to a Nutley, NJ tanning salon with her mother, Anna never went inside a tanning booth. (In NJ, it's illegal for children under 14 to tanning in a tanning booth.)

The tanning salon's owner, Anthony, believes that Krentcil visited his salon about 20 times a month, but that her current extremely-baked look (toasty, says the Post) is due to self-tanner. Anthony also insisted he would never allow a child into a tanning booth.

Sophie Balk, an attending pediatrician at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, told the Star-Ledger that tanning can be an addiction, "Some tanners describe that they feel more relaxed," when they don't tan naturally or at a salon, they "can experience unpleasantness, with depression and anxiety setting in, she said." She added, "They may know it’s bad but they can’t cut back." And a NJ dermatologist, Jeanine Downie, said that tanning beds can "transmit 12 to 15 times the ultraviolet radiation that the sun does," plus, "Every time you tan chronically your are increasing your chances of getting skin cancer about 75 percent."

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Krentcil has admitted to tanning to excess but her lawyer said, "Obviously, she tans. To call her an addict, I think is a real leap. It feels like it's being exaggerated, to be like, 'Well look at her, she must have done this.'" She has also pleaded not guilty to child endangerment.

Update: The paparazzi caught up with Krentcil today as she was going to a hair appointment. She says that her critics are "jealous, fat, and ugly." They are probably paler than she is, too.