Yesterday, the Daily News revealed a shocking lawsuit that accuses Father Michael Reilly, the principal of Staten Island Catholic high school St. Joseph by the Sea, of creating a toxic atmosphere at the school with racist, ageist and sexist remarks.

The lawsuit alleged, "Women were 'b----es' or 'tw-ts,' gays were 'f-gs,' certain teachers were 'd---heads' to the coarse man of the cloth. Father Michael Reilly once even threatened to boot a black man 'back to the jungle,' and to kick a cancer patient 'to the f---ing curb.'" Now, a Saturday Night Live cast member says the claims are true.

Staten Island native Pete Davidson posted a photograph of a print story about Reilly on Instagram, writing, "I went to this high school and I'm glad something is finally being done about Father Reilly. He is an absolute monster and has ruined that high school. He should have been fired years ago. Fuck this dude. He's an epic piece of shit and an ultimate jerk off."

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York told the Daily News that the lawsuit is the result of an incident last year when one of the lawsuit's plaintiffs, teacher Lawrence Boliak, "allegedly pulled down the pants of a male former student on school grounds. Boliak said he tugged at the young man’s shorts while trying to restrain the former student from fighting with Manos." Reilly is accused of calling Boliak a pedophile, a claim Archdiocese's spokesman said was untrue while also "strongly" denying the lawsuit's claims.

The Staten Island Advance has details about how Reilly allegedly slammed "an unnamed elderly teacher who had taken a few days off to undergo chemotherapy to fight cancer." He is accused of saying, "Doesn't he know his life is over? What's he going to do next? Come in on a gurney with an I.V.? I'll have to kick him to the f---ing curb."

The plaintiffs include two other teachers, and the suit accuses Reilly and a vice principal and a dean of being his "henchmen", "These crude and vulgar statements were intended to discriminate against the plaintiffs because of their devout Roman Catholic faith."