2008_12_patpor.jpgAfter detailing how former governor Mario Cuomo is reluctant to sit for his governor's portrait, the NY Times takes a look at George Pataki's new governor's portrait. Painted by Andrew Lattimore at a cost of around $50,000 (not paid by the state but the former governor's campaign funds or PAC), Pataki is shown standing in front of the Hudson River, wearing a suit (he was initially going to wear jeans with a jacket and tie) and U.S. and NY State flag pins. Lattimore explained why he had Pataki looking "towards the sun... The light, the future, he’s looking towards the warmth and hope of what tomorrow can bring." The subject likes it, though Pataki hates one thing: "I look at the smile and go eww. I know it’s crooked all the time — not me — the smile.” As for whether Cuomo will ever sit for his painting, Pataki offered "governor-speak," "“I’m sure when he deems it appropriate, he’ll do it."