When we heard that Snapple would be offering balloon rides at Bryant Park from noon-2PM today, to promote their White Tea line, and we thought, "Balloon rides in Bryant Park? That's unpossible!" But actually, it's not! Dahl snapped a bunch of photographs of the Snapple Parabounce set-up this morning. And it does look like fun - and certainly much better than last year's chaotic World's Biggest Ice Pop stunt in Union Square that resulted in melted fruity ice pop on that hot summer day. The rules state things like rider must weigh betwen 85-225 pounds (no skinny people, so they'll float away), must not have heart conditions, etc. There are three balloons set up, but yesterday was the last day of school and office workers do need a way to destress, so we have no idea how crazy the lines will get. Although...

Hey, the Bryant Park Webcam is perfectly positioned to see the line!


If anyone goes, send us photos (email them to photo[at]gothamist[dot]com) or tag your Flickr photos with "gothamist". And oddly enough, the latest press release on the Snapple website is for last year's ice pop mess.

Top and middle photographs from dahl on Flickr; bottom photograph from the Bryant Park Weather Web Cam