Snapple, the "official" drink of New York City, has pulled a joke on their website that was made at Staten Island's expense.

Question: "The most recognized smell in the world is -----?"
Answer: "No, it's not Staten Island. It's coffee."

Gothamist found it pretty funny, but we can see how it might not be the best joke if you're in a marketing partnership with the city and you're supposed to be marketing New York City around the world. Mental note, telling someone they stink is not the way to flatter. The joke has since been changed to: "No, it's not sweet, sweet victory - it's coffee." Phooey.

The joke alludes to Fresh Kills Landfill, which closed in 2001 after more than 50 years of dumping. Gothamist hasn't been to the areas directly surrounding the landfill, but how bad could it be if it's a possible Olympic venue.