2006_03_snapple.jpgGothamist thinks everyone could have predicted this a couple years ago: The city's much ballyhooed deal with Snapple to be the official drink of the city has come up way short of original goals. The city had reduced the value of the $126 million deal to only $33 million. The Mayor's office is claiming that perhaps they were too ambitious with their goals, but Gothamist would imagine that if anyone at Bloomberg LLP said they were going to fall $93 million, they'd be in hot water. The Post has some of the revised numbers and revised thinking:

The original goal of 5 million cases over five years has now been taken down to just 330,000. Each case holds 24 cans or bottles, which generally go for $1 each.

"We were a little bit green, maybe, on the vending business and knowing that it takes electrical outlets and it takes certain traffic," Kevin Booth, the marketing agency's chief financial officer, told the Franchise and Concession Review Committee. He said only 700 to 800 Snapple machines could be installed, not the 3,500 envisioned when the contract was launched in April 2004.

Are you kidding us? City Comptroller William Thompson, who has always been against the deal, is pretty smug these days - his spokesman told the Daily News, "This had been portrayed as the best deal on Earth. But it seems to be flatter than yesterday's cola." Thompson now wants the contract to be up for review in an entirely new bid. Snapple has been bent on ruining NYC - just think back to last year's insane attempt to have the world's largest popsicle on a hot summer's day in Union Square.

What did you think of the Snapple deal? We'd prefer it if the drink brand were more authentic to NYC. Gothamist on city sponsorship ideas.

Photograph of the Mayor heralding the Snapple deal at a high school; the city's $40 million deal with Snapple to be the drink in city schools has been doing better, because those kids will buy anything with sugar