Forget the War on Christmas, the war on smoking has a new front: Brooklyn. After successfully pushing tobacco tokers out of bars and restaurants (and Christmas) local prohibitionists have taken a look at your home and found it carcinogenic. Yup, looks like the Bloomberg Administration's secret non-plan to kick the butts out of your home has seeped like so much second-hand smoke to posh 1 Prospect Park. You were warned this was coming!

As the Post reports, more than two-thirds of the condo board at the very glass, Richard Meier-designed 1 Grand Army Plaza tower have recently voted to ban all smoking from their building—including in people's private pricey pads. The only place you can light up in the building now is the on the many terraces! And—just like certain activists have been warning—it is all the hizzoner's fault: "Bloomberg inspired people to say, 'It’s possible to ban smoking at home,'" said Steve Sladkus, the lawyer for the condo’s board, told the tabloid.

Apparently not everyone was for the ban. "Some people were quite vocal in their opposition" the condo's president recalled. "They called it an Orwellian attempt" to control people. Which doesn't sound too far off? War is peace, ignorance is strength, tobacco is evil? Hey, it could be worse; at least it's not waterfalls of human waste?

Bans on smoking in private apartments have been popping up in Manhattan condos for a while now though we hadn't heard about one in Brooklyn until now. Still, we can't say we're surprised it would be sparking up at a building that once sued a synagogue for being too noisy.