Police are investigating the death of a 28 year-old man from a 9th floor window at 220 E. 72nd Street. And right now, the main culprit looks like it could have been the wind! Ian Honeycutt's aunt asked him not to smoke inside her apartment, and as he was found without a coat, only a scarf, hat, and gloves, the police suspect that the 45 mile per hour winds on Tuesday night could have caused his fall (though he could have accidentally fallen out). The Daily News describes Honeycutt, a student at Marymount Manhattan College, as being "bone thin" - a police source said he was "90 pounds soaking wet." That's pretty freaky, but the wind gusts Tuesday night were insanely strong. Gothamist ended up playing soothing ocean wave music very loud to stop wondering if the wind would shatter the windows.

Painting of Ejiri in Suruga Province (a sudden gust of wind) by Katsushika Hokusai