According to the Post, two JetBlue flights had issues after take-off from JFK Airport last week, requiring both to return to the airport. On Monday, "smoke seeped into the cabin of JetBlue Flight 654, which was bound for Rochester, NY, and carrying 40 passengers, just after takeoff." The pilot told air-traffic control, "We need to return immediately. We have some smoke in the cabin," before "briefly" losing contact but ultimately made it back safe. The FAA found no cause for the smoke. Then on Friday, "an electrical smell filled JetBlue Flight 63, bound for Tampa and carrying 63 passengers, just after it took off"; the plane managed to land safely. And a JetBlue flight landed in Bahamas on Thursday just as a fire was spotted on the left wing. The Post says all planes were the Embraer 1910 model and have been taken out of service as JetBlue investigates.