If you need the B, D, F, N, Q and R trains this afternoon, be prepared for some headaches. Due to a "smoke condition" at the Dekalb Avenue station there are some multiple suspensions and delays going on right now!

To start, N and Q train service are running on the R line from Canal to Dekalb in both directions. There is no B train service in either direction from 34th Street to Brighton Beach, the B is only running from Bedford Park to 34th Street. Meanwhile the D is running from Atlantic Avenue to Coney Island and 34 Street to the Norwood-205 Street Street Station.

FDNY respond to the smoke condition at DeKalb (via Melanie R.)

So, yeah, expect delays! You can keep track of the situation on mta.info.

According to the FDNY the smoke condition was caused by wires burning between stations. No injuries have been reported but in order to fix the problem power had to be turned off so firefighters can get in and do their job safely. As of 4:45 p.m. there was no estimate for how long this will take.

Update: As the FDNY works to fix the issue, the MTA is making lots of changes to keep things running. For the most recent updates check out mta.info!