Don't be fooled by that promise of a tepid weather week. July's usual summer swelter has been swapped out for a particularly thick dose of smog, and state officials have issued an air quality alert for the NYC metro area that's in effect until 10 p.m. tonight. Which is frustrating, because you were DEFINITELY planning on going for that run, and now you'll have to stay inside and play Doge 2048 instead. Pass that tub of ice cream, please.

Though we're generally breathing in gas, coal and the crumbling corpses of subway rats, the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation has measured today's air quality index at an oppressive 110, and they recommend individuals limit strenuous outdoor physical activity until the smog dies down. At-risk groups like the very young and people with asthma or heart disease should be particularly wary in this weather, and anyone experiencing trouble breathing should consult a physician.

You can call the DEC's helpline for more information, at 1(800) 535-1345.