Brooklyn's surprisingly hip Gowanus neighborhood—where an artisanal ice cream parlor just opened up next to a retro shuffleboard club—cannot easily escape the toxic legacy of its eponymous canal. An EPA study notes that odors described as "septic-like,” “sulfur-like,” and "hydrocarbon-like” are commonly detected in the area around the Gowanus Canal. And now a smelly "brown goo" is coming for local residents and businesses, oozing up through the sinks and toilets to smother them in their sleep.

“It comes out brown and you say, ‘Oh my God,'" landlord Joseph Internicola, who's in charge of a building on Union Street near Bond Street, tells the Post. And Kitty Hernandez, owner of the bar Brooklyn Colony on Fourth Avenue near Carroll Street, tells the tabloid, "It’s a very weird goop. Just yesterday, I had to pull a drain out because there was a foaming goo coming out of it... It overwhelmed the whole bar. I think it was sewage. The smell was horrible."

The goo, which also bubbled up at The Bell House, is likely the result of sewer overflow caused by heavy rains drenched the city last week. "We did have several reports of flooding and sewer backups in that area," an EPA spokesperson tell the Post. "Our engineers are investigating if any other factors besides heavy rain in short duration is causing this." Just something to contemplate as you savor Ample Hills' special new ice cream flavor "It Came From Gowanus" (nope hat is not a joke).

The Gowanus Canal is a designated Superfund site. It kills dolphins. A "sun drenched" one bedroom just steps from the canal in "Brooklyn's newest and most exclusive luxury rental building" can be yours for just $3,272 a month. For further reading, here is an interesting article examining what would happen if you drank water from the canal.

Would you rather have brown goo coming out of your toilet or a rat?