2006_08_testtube.jpgThere were hopes that the Department of Environmental Protection would be able to figure out the very gaseous smell that plagued Staten Island on Tuesday. But DEP testing cannot determine the origin of the stink, which the Staten Island Advance described as "though everyone had left their stoves on" and "similar to that of the chemical artificially added to natural gas to allow people to smell a leak." Hmm, no traces of a big spill of that chemical? SI Borough President James Molinaro said, "What else can we do? No one's going to admit to whatever happened. Mobil already said it wasn't their fault. This is not the first time there's been a smell. I don't think we should be concerned to where people panic." Ha - of course, Mobil would deny everything. Anyway, Staten Islanders, Fresh Kills may not be a dump anymore, but seems like you're gonna have to live with strange smells.