The annual Toy Fair has set up camp at the Javits Center and many of the toy makers are showing off what they hope will be big hits with kids and adults alike. Like the creator of the Bernard Madoff doll that you can smash with a golden hammer—if you really want to smash something that costs $99.95, which might be too rich for Madoff's duped investors! Perhaps annoyed Madoff Matt Lauer will want to get one, though.

Manufacturer Graeme Warring of MiniModelWorks tells the Daily News, "A lot of people have been asking about it." The website has a detailed narrative for the doll and adds, "This wonderful action figure [captures] Bernie in the 'I am about to stick this poker right up your ass and take the spare change out of your pockets' position." However, this doll does not have Madoff in his more familiar baseball cap and quilted jacket outfit—nor does it come with a penthouse where he must stay under house arrest (maybe find a Barbie Dreamhouse for that).

MiniModelWorks can also customize a doll for you, based on a photograph you send.