Smartphones can annoy—that's the keen observation of the NY Times' latest work of zeitgeisty journalism, joining recent reports on Facebook, Hulu, and the decline of newspapers. In the article—which includes the requisite comparison of new technology to the Wild West—the Times examines the love-hate relationship between professionals and their BlackBerrys to conclude that some people really do find it rude when you play Bejeweled while they're talking to you. It's the hot, new etiquette issue of the business world, according to consultant Nancy Flynn: "People mistakenly think that tapping is not as distracting as talking...In fact, it can be every bit as much if not more distracting. And it’s pretty insulting to the speaker." But, like one college student who lost an internship because he checked text messages during his interview, the Times finds many are still learning this lesson the hard way—Malcolm Smith included.