2003_9_smartshoping.jpgIBM will be rolling out a "smart shopping cart" that will help give suggestions and as well as alert shoppers to discounts. Users will just swipe a card through the cart's reader, which may eventually interact with shelves, so customers will see "an ad chicken soup as the person heads down the soup aisle." That's very HAL from 2001 meets Minority Report. But as this is Big Blue's effort to help grocery stores remain competitive with Wal-Mart, Gothamist just says, "Good luck." The Post also notes that other supermarket tech products to be rolled out include, "Veggie Vision, which with its digital camera and a library of hundreds of pictures of vegetables and fruits can determine what is being placed on its scale. It then weighs and prices the items." Gothamist predicts these smart readers will never see the light of day in New York.