Well here's an important study. Apparently some company did some sort of scientific purse study and found out that purses are getting lighter, down to almost 3 lbs from a whopping 8 lbs just two years ago. This may have to do with lighter gadgets — it would be interesting to find out how much purses weighed when we were all carrying around Zack Morris phones and walkmans!

However, New Yorkers are saying this study is false, and the NY Post took the claims to the street to weigh women's purses for themselves. What they found: "an overwhelming number of 6-pounders, 7-pounders and even one 10-pounder." They estimated one purse weighed around the same as two bricks.

One woman told them that while gadgets may be getting smaller, "we’re carrying more and more with us." Up next: a study about how heavy bags will kill you quicker than television and sitting down?