Edyth Maa, aka latex-and-leather loving S&M model Jade Vixen, just can't seem to catch a break with her boyfriends. Three years ago, one of her ex-clients killed her Manhattan lawyer boyfriend before committing suicide himself, and now her latest beau has been found dead in her house.

Peter Stelzenmuller, an engineer, died in the attic of the Pennsylvania home he shared with "close companion" Maa after "testing new scuba equipment," according to police reports. Police confirmed that Stelzenmuller was wearing a rubber swimming suit when he was found dead.

Maa, a Long Island native who dropped out of her Ph.D program at Penn earlier this year, describes herself as "latex lover" who reportedly specializes in oxygen deprivation. Stelzenmuller was described by a friend as a heavy rubber fetishist, and Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood believes that there is "more to it" than meets the eye. A rubber fetishist, a dominatrix, skintight scuba gear: what "more" could there possibly be?