It's a routine we're all too familiar with: You eye the disgusting, grey puddle of ice, snow and other crap and try to decide whether it's a superficial mess or actually a secret slush lake that will soak your shoes, socks and pants. The snow mush slush is forcing people to leap over the puddles, but then there are the slush puddles that are so huge, some people will climb snowbanks or even walk in the middle of streets.

According to the Daily News, "Some of the monster puddles are due to pesky potholes. The Department of Transportation said 311 had received more than 900 pothole-related complaints in January and has filled 38,000 in the last month." (You can report potholes here, but who knows when the DOT will get around to fixing them, given all the snow that's piled up.) In the meantime, get some tall galoshes or just wear old pants you don't care about ruining.