cold_front_ucar.jpeg A cold front well to our west along the Ohio Valley (Gothamist doesn't know why but meteorologists love to mention cold fronts as being "along the Ohio Valley") is slowly creeping toward us. A cold front ain't nuthin' but a boundary with a warm, moist air mass ahead of it, and cold, dry air behind it. Cold, dry air, being denser, easily pushes warm, moist air out of its way. When pushed, warm air rises, cools, saturates, forms clouds, and then rain. You know the drill. With all that happening there is a slight chance of rain tonight, but the rest of the afternoon looks sunny.

Tomorrow night through Friday could be interesting. As the cold front gets closer it is going to come to a virtual stop. There is lots of moisture around and it looks like there will plenty of low-level convergence. When air converges at low levels the only place it has to go is up. Rising air cools, saturates, blah blah blah. Conditions are right for heavy rain and possibly severe weather tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, down in the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Bonnie is predicted to become a minimal hurricane before coming ashore near Pensacola. Why am I telling you this? Well, all the moisture from Bonnie's remnants are going to move northeastward ahead of that slow moving cold front. Don't be surprised if Thursday and Friday turn out to be totally wet, like, 1-2 inches of totally wet.

The forecast for Los Angeles this weekend remains unchanged. Foggy at night. Sunny during the day. Highs around 70 near the coast to around 80 inland.