Sweatin' in China; Photo - NYTConsidering how capitalism has made such inroads in China, it's no shock that Asians are getting fatter in metroplises. With access to fast food like McDonald's (which tends to be cheap), the only children are spoiled with whatever they want, and health authorities are concerned about looming caridovascular and other health issues. Chinese kids are going to fat camps, just like some American kids do in the States.

Jake is fond of this quote in the Times article: "Known in Chinese as 'xiao pangzi,' or 'little fatties,' these roly-poly children seem to be everywhere, the pampered victims of cultures that prize them as emblems of affluence and well-being." Duh. That's the reason you see drawings and images of fat babies, versus thin, sickly ones. I'd like to subscribe that my roly-poly nature as an adult must be because I want to be an emblem and am in fact am an emblem of affluence and well-being, even in spite of the fact that I've lived in the NY metro area my whole life I grew up in New Jersey and now live in New York... My culture runs that deep is all.