2003_11_pokey.jpgThe Straphangers have announced the winners of the Pokey Awards for Slowest City Buses, and they are all in Manhattan: the M23 (3.4 mph); the M42 (3.6 mph); M66 (3.6 mph); M14 (3.8 mph) and M31, M96 and M101 (4.4 mph). The M23 which runs along 23rd Street is the slowest/most-used bus in Manhattan; slowest/most-used buses in other boroughs are:
B35 (4.6 mph) Runs between Brownsville and Sunset Park in Brooklyn
Bx9 (4.5 mph) Runs between Riverdale and West Farms Square in the Bronx
Q32 (5.3 mph) Runs between Jackson Heights and Penn Station
S62/92 (7.8 mph) Runs between Travis and the St. George Ferry Terminal

Suggestions for improving bus efficiency include "Wider bus lanes with expanded hours" and "Longer bus stops to eliminate waits for multiple buses to enter the stop." See various NYC bus routes at the MTA. [Via NY1]

Gothamist can't wait for the Straphangers to have the "Stinkies" - Awards for Smelliest Trains, which would have a skunk as the trophy.