Today's weather is courtesy of a slow motion battle in the atmosphere. There's a stationary front parked over southern Virginia that would dearly like to make its way northward, but it is being held back by a stubborn high pressure system over Nova Scotia. Our Canadian friend is so stubborn that it managed to suppress cloud formation this morning despite an easterly wind bringing lots of moisture our way. The moisture will eventually win out, so look for increasing clouds as the afternoon progresses and a high generally in the upper 60s. But a few spots may reach the lower 70s if it stays sunny.

The Virginia system will get a northward boost tonight as a deep dip in the jet stream that currently over the central part of the country starts moving eastward. That means increasing moisture, a better chance of rain, and the possibility of dense fog after midnight. The front is expected to pass through the city around noon tomorrow. Once the front passes we could easily warm to the mid 70s or even close to 80 degrees in the afternoon and there will be a chance of showers or thunderstorms.

If it is rain you want, Friday could be your lucky day! The two leading ingredients for a soaking rain: A deep layer of moisture, and the leading edge of the jet stream's trough overhead are expected to be in place on Friday. Showers and thunderstorms are likely all day on Friday, with heavy rainfall expected at times. With any luck the rain won't linger too long into Saturday, and Sunday is looking dry and warm with a high in the lower 70s.