The morning cloud cover has been crushed and we've got a mostly sunny day on tap as high pressure sits south of the city. With those clear skies this afternoon's high should reach the upper 40s, which is normal for late-November. For the weather trivia buffs, today is the day that the average high falls below 50 degrees for the season. The annual temperature bottoms out in mid-January with highs in the upper 30s, and returns to 50 degrees on St. Patrick's Day.

A quick cooling is in store after sunset this evening thanks to the clear, dry skies. The sky won't stay clear, or dry, for long as an upper-level circulation shift will favor the development of a weak coastal storm overnight. Perhaps some places inland will see snow accumulate but the city itself looks to be on the rain-snow line, with morning snow being replaced by afternoon rain.

Once that storm passes we're in for another stretch of cool, calm weather. Wednesday through Friday should see some sun with highs within a couple degrees of 40 and lows around freezing each day. Warmer weather is expected next weekend as high pressure moves offshore and the wind starts coming out of the south.