Ha! Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa wants to take John Gotti Jr. on his offer. Gotti Jr., who was unsucccessfully tried three times for allegedly shooting and kidnapping Sliwa, told reporters on Tuesday that he'd take a polygraph test "on national TV" if the FBI agent who spread rumors that Gotti was becoming a government informant was charged.

Last night, Sliwa said on NY1's Inside City Hall - holding a bunch of cash, "John Gotti, Jr., my offer is $100,000 cash, no questions asked, certified check. Just one question. John Gotti, Jr., did you have anything to do with the order to organize crime goons from the Gambino family to have me kidnapped and assaulted in the summer of 1992? If you pass with flying colors, you get a certified check for $100,000. You have chutzpah, you have onions, take the test on national T.V., as long I get to ask that question."

Sliwa also sent a letter to Gotti's lawyer, "I think a willingness to seek truth is something we should all strive for and I applaud Mr. Gotti for doing so." Maybe Sliwa should also try finding that FBI agent. And WCBS 2's Pablo Guzman recalls getting an earful from mother Victoria Gotti who said, "My family, as you know, has been victimized by the press more than a few times. But you wonder when they can't even get that right: He was never a 'junior.' His father, John J. Gotti, was actually the 'junior.' If you want to be technical: His father was John Gotti Senior. But nobody was ever called 'Junior' in this family."