nethermead.gifEvery now and then Gothamist sees Mayor Bloomberg in the lede of a news piece and DOESN'T get upset. This is one of those times. Along with the DOT Commissioner, Iris Weinhall, he announced a six month pilot program that would reduce the number of hours vehicles are allowed in both Central and Prospect Parks. The new traffic regulations go into effect June 5th and will hopefully bring some relief to automobile-weary park goers. The program isn't quite the "car-less summer" Borough President Scott Stringer and certain city council members were calling for, but it is a start. Gothamist has a feeling this will do nothing to improve the city's award winning air quality (as most drivers will likely take alternate routes), but it could provide a sanctuary for those of us who use the park as an escape. Now, if only they could do something about all those pesky horse droppings...seriously, if dog piles have to be picked up, why not the massive equine landmines?