The weather this month has been unusual in its lack of unusual weather. Not only haven't there been any heat waves or cold spells, there has barely even been a warm wave or cool spell. No day has been more than six degrees warmer/cooler than normal and that hasn't happened since the 4th. Today is no exception to that trend, with a high in the low 80s expected along with a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms.

Any showers or thunderstorms that might happen this afternoon or evening are the result of an approaching cold front. Once that front passes we will be in line for an actual cool day! Open your windows as tonight's low should dip into the lower 60s whileTuesday's high will only reach the upper 70s or possibly 80.

Look for a slight warming and lots of sun over the remainder of the week. When we say slight warming we mean slight. Wednesday's high should be around 80. Thursday and Friday could hit the lower 80s with a slight chance of a thunderstorm on Friday.